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Traveling with kids can be challenging for several reasons. One is that you have to worry about whether they would enjoy the places you’ll be visiting. Another is you would have to make sure that the place you’ll go to does not include extreme activities that only adults can do. But don’t ever let your kids hinder you from seeing the world. In fact, there are so much more places to visit even when you’re bringing your kids around. Here are 11 kid-friendly countries that will guarantee that both you and your children a splendid time!

family travel destinations

1. Japan

More famous to your children as the land of Pokemon, Japan is one of the most child-friendly places in the world, especially Tokyo. You can visit Tokyo Disneyland, Osaka Aquarium, and even the Yoyogi Park that is all open spaces for your kids to run around and enjoy.

2. Denmark

With just the colorful houses and establishments, Denmark already is a sight to see. How much more will it be appealing now that Legoland is there?

3. Switzerland

Switzerland is already a very rich place to be in. You don’t even have to go to the mountains to enjoy the culture and the outdoors. There are lots of places to see and you can ride towards the countryside where there are lakes and mountains to explore.

4. Iceland

There are many things to do in Iceland rather than think that it’s just full of ice. You can take whitewater rafting (pick an easier level safe for children), whale watching, and elf hunting. Just the thought of elves might make your kids jump for joy.

5. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a land steeped in mystery and legend. Kids love visiting the historic castles and landmarks which are famous around the world, such as Big Ben and Stonehenge. For ease of travel and easy places to stay and eat, the UK is a great family-friendly travel destination. Harry Potter fans can follow the Harry Potter trail through locations associated with the books and the films, such as the location in Scotland which formed the backdrop for Hogwarts.

6. Lapland

Lapland in Finland is like a winter wonderland for families. There are many winter activities you can do and you can top it all off by watching the Northern Lights. The Lights themselves already make Lapland a must-see for every family.

7. Spain

What makes Spain child-friendly is the laid-back atmosphere. You can simply stroll with your kids through the sidewalks and visit the numerous parks. Park Guell is one of the famous places in Spain where there are sculptures that you might be interested in.

8. Hawaii

In Hawaii, it’s like you entered into a vast zoo. You can see so many turtles, dolphins, and even different kinds of land animals. There are also fun activities like snorkeling and swimming that the whole family can enjoy.

9. Norway

The best time to visit Norway with your kids is during the winter. You can all enjoy playing winter sports and snow activities. There are various places to visit, like the Viking Ship Museum and the Vigeland Museum that will capture the attention of children and adults alike.

10. Australia

One of the reasons why Australia is a great place for families is the climate. The country is almost always in good weather so nothing can stop you from going to its beaches and parks. Don’t forget to bring food because the experience is so much better if you go out for a picnic.

11. Belize

If you are planning to bring your family to Belize, make sure that they are prepared for the many outdoor activities you can do, and by outdoor we mean rappelling, swimming, and climbing. While this may sound intense, they are actually safe for children to do. If you aren’t into this, you can consider going to their towns and beaches instead.