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For the world’s most discerning gentlemen and their respective families, they deserve nothing less than only the finest. And if you have the money to splurge to pamper your loved ones with only the best, the finest private accommodations that most can only dream of having, then why not simply spend it on these 5 luxurious holiday destinations in the world. You can bet it is money well spent as the memories you’ll take with you back home will be priceless.

Bora Bora Luxury Travel Destination

Bora Bora is an Exceptional Luxury Travel Destination

1.       Bora Bora, French Polynesia 

You’ve never known luxury until you’ve tried several days off in Bora Bora. It’s the epitome of what a tropical island paradise should be. Sweeping beaches, classic blue and green lagoons, coral reef rings, and soaring peaks covered in dense rainforest. This is where romance happens round the clock. Stay in one of the overwater bungalows that French Polynesia invented and you’ll forget all your worries in a jiffy.

2.       Lombardy, Italy

The Apennine Peninsula is home to many spectacular and truly luxurious holiday destinations that it would be quite impossible to single out one of them. Nevertheless, Lombardy and the Lakes happen to be the most dynamic in the country particularly when it comes to luxury summer lake resorts and top-caliber ski slopes. There’s Milan and the great cities of the Renaissance. Stand in awe at the shores of Lake Como with the majestic Alps beckoning in the background. Don’t miss the frescoes of the Palazzo Ducale in Mantua.

3.       The Riviera Maya, Mexico 

Beautiful offshore reefs, sandy beaches, and some of the region’s most magnificent Mayan ruins are just some of the reasons why the affluent visit The Riviera Maya in the Yucatan Peninsula. Enjoy classic views of the Caribbean at Tulum. Try to outwit the cunning bonefish in the shallows near the Chinchorro Reef. Or spend the whole day relaxing and unwinding at the numerous luxurious spas complete with ancient rituals and locally-grown ingredients. Or head out to the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef and try snorkeling.

4.       Marrakech, Morocco 

It’s simply intoxicating. A visit to this Jewel of the South can truly make for a luxurious journey into one of the world’s most storied lands. Wander in the splendor of Djemaa el Fna where the sizzle and smoke of this exuberant marketplace is frequented even by the world’s most opulent. Stay at Pullman Marrakech Palmeraie Resort and Spa and you’ll experience bliss like no other. Go shopping in the souk or take a journey in time with the palaces and tombs of Saadian sultans.

5.       Eleuthera and Harbour Island, Bahamas 

If your idea of a luxury holiday destination is total seclusion, pampered only by the ever-courteous hotel staff, then a visit to Eleuthera and Harbour Island is a must. You’ve got white or pink sandy beaches as your playground. This is where heaven resides on earth. It’s peaceful, tranquil, and serene yet, with a touch of luxury that no other destination can match.

Traveling to these places may entail great expense. However, the memories that you’ll be creating are simply priceless.