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With family in the UK, I find myself returning to this country regularly and always like to explore new places when I visit. I love visiting the coast in the UK as I enjoy the rugged scenery and breathtaking sea views. However it’s tough to enjoy a scenic beachside view when there are just too many people around. Unfortunately, the most popular UK beaches are way too full during summertime, and instead of feeling more relaxed, you just might end up getting more stressed in a jammed beach. Plus it’s tough to find seaside holiday  accommodation in these popular destinations. It therefore makes sense to visit more remote locations and use a service such as the Simply Sea Views website to find sea view accommodation at your chosen vacation spot. If you want to enjoy pristine waters and empty sand beaches, head off to these off-the-beaten-track beaches in the UK.

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Kynance Cove, Cornwall

There is only a discreet sign pointing to this gorgeous spot, which is why most people miss this. It’s a lovely beach on the Lizard peninsula close the most southerly point in mainland Britain. Imagine the contrast between the white sand and the 200 feet-tall cliffs on the back, plus the blue tones of the sea. It’s an asw-inspiring location. This can be a contender for the best beach in Cornwall, comparable to the Bedruthan Steps on the north coast.

Oxwich, Wales

The coast on the Gower Peninsula has many wonderful beaches, but Oxwich offers a combination of sand dunes, woodland, and salt marshes along the two-mile stretch. Moreover, the picturesque village is another reason to visit it. While Rhossili is more dramatic, Oxwich is less staggering, the waters are safe and shallow and the hills gentler. It’s a great spot for a swim in the summer. To find a quiet spot, walk east towards Three Cliffs and Tor Bay.

Man O’War Beach, Dorset

Dorset ranks high in best beach lists due to the limestone arches and the amazing views. To enjoy a less crowded beach, head over to Man O’War Beach. It is steeper, though, with 150 steps to climb up and down the 800-meter footpath from the car park. However, it is a wonderful and safe swimming spot; and though the beach contains fine pebbles, the water is safe and shallow.

Steephill Cove, Isle of Wight

This is a very remote beach due to the lack of road access. The only way to reach it is to go on foot, going down a narrow path. But because of this, there are no noisy cars, no other people and even shops selling souvenirs. What is left is a Mediterranean-like bay, full of fishing boats and fresh lobster. The sand is not spectacular and the beach itself is not the highlight, but it has its own charm.

Runswick Bay, Yorkshire

The hill leading down to this bay is so inconspicuous, which is why no one knows just how beautiful it really is. Suddenly, its beauty unfolds right in front of your eyes, starting with the idyllic village consisting of 90 colorful cottages. Going up north, up to the head of Kettleness, there are wooden huts, carved staircases, and rock pools. There are also breathtaking fossils as well, as old as 180 million years.

White Park Bay, Northern Ireland

Tucked in a hidden part of the only World Heritage Site of Northern Island, this three-mile arc full of fine white sand is a huge difference to the normally very rocky Giant’s Causeway. The hidden location means it is quiet even in the middle of summer. It has a wonderful backdrop, composed of ancient dunes and the Elephant Rock (a rock that resembles a giant elephant).

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The UK might not be in the tropics, but it still has tons of beautiful beaches perfect for those sunny summer days. With this list, you can enjoy clean blue waters and picturesque beaches, but without the crowds.