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Every living human being probably has heard of the infamous Canadian winter tales — how freakingly cold the weather is yet how equally devastating the prospect of staying indoors is. While many associate winter with the blues, the season brings forth a set of activities that even the most colorful autumn season cannot bring. When else would you see and skid through snow?

Here are the best ways Canada’s visitors can appreciate and enjoy winter:

First, Bundle Up

If you have travelled all the way from the sunny side of the world, you must learn the art of layering to enjoy outdoor activities. Canadian winter averages -5 to -15 degrees Celsius, way below the freezing point. So better bring thermals, sweaters, down jackets, and long johns with you. Then complete the look with gloves, masks, scarves, and bonnets.

Don’t Miss the Abraham Lake in Alberta

Are you looking for a snappy Instagrammable background? Try the beautifully oozing frozen bubbles at Abraham Lake, set against the mountain-filled landscape. Apart from the aesthetic beauty it offers, the excitement of stepping on a frozen lake and seeing the visible bubbles underneath are simply beyond description.

Climb The Magnificent Ice Pillars in Haffner Creek

Photographers have this on their bucket list. The ice pillars and the nearby stalactite-filled cave stun you with all their iced glory. If you can take on the climbing and trekking challenge, give Haffner a try. Not to worry, guided trips are available to ensure tourists’ safety.

Feast Your Eyes on Ontario’s Niagara Falls

Everyone has heard of the Niagara Falls wonder, effervescently bordering the United States of America and Canada under the sun. But try securing a place in Niagara’s viewing deck during winter, and you will be amazed even more. The frozen waters create a picturesque backdrop, capturing the waters that are supposedly ravaging in a serenely still moment.

Ski Your Heart Out

There are many ski fields to choose from that will suit your skill level. Beginners may visit Sun Peaks in British Columbia, Mont Tremblant in Quebec, or Lake Louise in Alberta. If you’re confident about your skiing, move up to the advanced trails at Whistler Blackcomb and Fernie in British Columbia. Or if you feel even more challenged to learn Canada’s national sport, you can hit the rinks in any of the famous hockey towns like Kingston, Sherbrooke, and Edmonton. Check out other resorts, too, and see if they offer snow tubing — an activity that doesn’t require complex skills at all, perfect for kids.

Enjoy the View in Banff National Park

Mulan’s jaw-dropping scenery makes you dream of ice-capped mountains. Make that dream come true in January and visit Banff National Park, beautifully landscaped with majestic mountains, frozen lakes, and amazing iced valleys. A host of activities like skiing, sled rides (some pulled by dogs), snowmobiling, and even helicopter tours are made available during winter. This town then becomes your group’s one-stop destination, complete with accommodation and nearby quaint cafes, museums, and candy shops.

If you’re keen to witness another Christmas village like Banff, you can opt for the delicately gorgeous Quebec or the modern Montreal. And of course, please don’t forget to book that trip to the UNESCO World Heritage site, the world’s biggest natural skating rink, the Rideau Canal. Never mind that you’ll have to stand in the sidelines. See it alive and bustling is already a major Canadian winter feat.