Top Holiday Towns in Cornwall

Like many travellers to the United Kingdom, popping into a cheery and cosy pub in Cornwall is a highlight. You get to soak up the atmosphere of an isolated seaside village where the mist rolls in; and sample quality beef with finely cut vegetables in a Cornish pasty washed down with beer or cider. What better way to listen to fascinating old stories and pick up useful advice from the locals about the top holiday towns in Cornwall? You'll pick up tips on the best towns and cities to explore, which coastal villages are vibrant and which are quiet, out of the way spots which will promise to sooth and rejuvenate the stressed out soul. You'll be Spellbound by the Sheer Variety Just a day or two in Cornwall and you will quickly find why Cornwall is such a sought after holiday destination.

Guide to Canada’s Coastal Hotspots

For someone who has lived in Canada for most of my life, I've travelled and criss-crossed this country many times. But most of my trips have been to cities, lakes or mountains. I've very rarely made it to beach. Surprising, huh? It's especially surprising when you learn that the world's second biggest country has some 260,000 kilometres of coastline. We have more beaches and coastline than almost anywhere in the world! One of the little known facts about Canada is that it has one of the longest coastlines in the world! It's only when you look at the map you notice all the wonderful coastal destinations. From Prince Edward Island to British Columbia, you can enjoy amazing coastal scenery with either pure wilderness or  a cottage, a luxurious inn or a rental home nearby.

Essential Travel Tips for Families

Booking a family holiday can be quite challenging. Keeping everyone happy with your choice of holiday is a tall order with everyone wanting to do something different. But Cornwall is a great choice for family holidays because there is a huge diversity of things to do in a relatively small geographical area. Cornwall is bound to fulfill everyone's requirements for maximum holiday enjoyment. Family holidays in Cornwall generally consist of lengthy stints at the beach or a trip to the coast, as these are one of the most spectacular in Europe. However, in current years, there has actually been an increasing fad for family members choosing to get active thanks to a bigger array of holiday activities. For instance, you can try a holiday park with loads of on-site facilities, specifically if you are travelling with teenagers.