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Best Ways Tourists Can Enjoy a Canadian Winter


While many associate winter with the blues, the When else would you see and skid through snow? Here are the best ways Canada's visitors can appreciate and enjoy winter: First, Bundle Up If you have travelled all the way from the sunny side of the world, you must learn the art of layering to enjoy outdoor activities. Canadian winter averages -5 to -15 degrees Celsius, way below the freezing point. So better bring thermals, sweaters, down jackets, and long johns with you.

If you can take on the climbing and trekking challenge, give Haffner a try

Unique Places to Visit in Canada


Even more interesting is the fact that the trees across the road Pingualuit Crater Lake in the Pingualuit Provincial Park, northern Quebec While the word Pingualuit translates to pimples in English, this lake looks like a giant gemstone. Popular with campers, it has the purest fresh water in the whole world. 6. Mount Thor in Baffin Island, Nunavut Thrillseekers will find rapelling Mount Thor truly heart-pumping. It has a vertical drop of 1250 meters, which is why it is not for beginners.

Best Travel Destinations for Sea Views in the UK


Unfortunately, the most popular UK beaches are way too full during summertime, and instead of feeling more relaxed, you just might end up getting more stressed in Plus it's tough to find seaside holiday  accommodation in these popular destinations. It therefore makes sense to visit more remote locations and use a service such as the Simply Sea Views website to find sea view accommodation at your chosen vacation spot. If you want to enjoy pristine waters and empty sand beaches, head off to these off-the-beaten-track beaches in the UK.

Top Holiday Towns in Cornwall


Port Issac on the north coast of Surrounded by high cliffs, this quaint village of steep narrow streets lead down to a pretty fishing harbour where fishermen land their catch each day. As well as fishing and restaurants, this village is best known as a major tourist destination. Many holidaymakers want to stay in this picturesque village, which has some great coastal scenery and nearby sandy beaches. Port Issac is famous for being the filming location for the popular Doc Martin TV series which brings in hoards of fans, eager to see where their on-screen hero was featured in scenes in the show.

10 Budget-Friendly Tips for Touring the US

The United States has so many places that should be on your bucket list but of course, to visit them all might be expensive. However, it does not have to be costly, especially if you do your homework and follow some basic tips on how to make your US tour cheaper. 1. Check These Ways to Drive or Ride for Free While driving your own car or even taking the bus are cheaper ways to travel around the States, there are also ways to actually do it for free.

5 Luxurious Holiday Destinations Around the World

For the world’s most discerning gentlemen and their respective families, they deserve nothing less than only the finest. And if you have the money to splurge to pamper your loved ones with only the best, the finest private accommodations that most can only dream of having, then why not simply spend it on these 5 luxurious holiday destinations in the world. You can bet it is money well spent as the memories you’ll take with you back home will be priceless.