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Top Holiday Towns in Cornwall


Port Issac on the north coast of Surrounded by high cliffs, this quaint village of steep narrow streets lead down to a pretty fishing harbour where fishermen land their catch each day. As well as fishing and restaurants, this village is best known as a major tourist destination. Many holidaymakers want to stay in this picturesque village, which has some great coastal scenery and nearby sandy beaches. Port Issac is famous for being the filming location for the popular Doc Martin TV series which brings in hoards of fans, eager to see where their on-screen hero was featured in scenes in the show.

Essential Travel Tips for Families


Booking a family holiday can be quite challenging. Keeping everyone happy with your choice of holiday is a tall order with everyone wanting to do something different. But Cornwall is a great choice for family holidays because there is a huge diversity of things to do in a relatively small geographical area. Cornwall is bound to fulfill everyone's requirements for maximum holiday enjoyment. Family holidays in Cornwall generally consist of lengthy stints at the beach or a trip to the coast, as these are one of the most spectacular in Europe.