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Sometimes you don’t really need to see the doctor to feel good about yourself and be healthier holistically. Most of the time all you need is a change of scenery and let Mother Nature work her charm, lifting your spirit and cleanse your soul. There are some awesome places around the globe where you can travel with loved ones or alone. These awe-inspiring places are worth taking a break from the mundane and rediscover yourself in the process.


Preikestolen in Norway

Known for its picturesque fjords marrying the blue skies above, the deep blue sea below, and dissected in the middle by the earth’s rugged yet equally beautiful crust, Norway is a country that is a haven for those seeking a peaceful respite from the rigors of everyday life. Climbing some 600 meters from the floor of Nordic fjords, Preikestolen puts you on a pedestal, giving a breath-taking view that extends as far as the eyes can see. With fresh air filling your lungs and the beauty of nature knocking on your soul, this is the best place to find that inner peace you’ve all been seeking.

Mt. Cook in New Zealand

Whether it is on the North Island or the South, everything about the Kiwi is awe-inspiring. Mt. Cook on South Island is no Mt. Everest, but it has been revered for millennia, a favorite destination for those who want to see pure beauty at its best. Take the Hooker Mountain trail, pass through glaciers, and be mesmerized by the elegance of Mt. Cook. The deep blue-green with dark brown shades of the mountain is like a rainbow on earth, made even more spectacular by the lush vegetation at its foot, and capped by cotton candy-like clouds. Get ready to take a snap as this can be an awe-inspiring wallpaper for your office computer.

Cliffs of Moher in Ireland

The Irish coast can provide some of the most picturesque, most awe-inspiring places on earth. With cliffs that drop straight to the blue waters of the Atlantic and a relatively flat terrain on top blanketed by lush greeneries, the Cliffs of Moher provides a wonderful place to contemplate, make careful preparations of one’s life. Rising some 700 feet from the Atlantic’s crashing waves, the Cliffs of Moher is perfect for feeling a sense of bliss and tranquility that we’ve all been robbed of by a cruel world.

Hagia Sophia in Turkey

It is very rare to see a structure that has so much history in it that it can evoke raw emotions from anyone who visits the place. Walking through the halls of Hagia Sophia and glancing up its domes and ceilings that look more like murals is like walking into the pages of history. This structure in Istanbul was once an important structure for both the Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Today, both mighty empires still have their signature written all over the walls, decorative elements, and other structures of the Hagia Sophia. Visiting Hagia Sophia is like taking part in two of the greatest civilizations in man’s history.

If you feel as if life is dragging you down take the time to visit these places. It’s all you need to find more meaning in your existence.