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Canada is one of the biggest countries in terms of land mass, thus you can expect to see some interesting and unique places here. If you like seeing some natural and man-made places that are out of the ordinary, make sure to check out some of the destinations on this list.

1. Spotted Lake in Osoyoos, British Columbia

First Nations from Okanagan Valley believe that this lake is sacred and can heal physical and spiritual illnesses. Its name comes from the fact that most of the water gets evaporated during summer, leaving behind colored pools that look like spots. Even more interesting is that the pools have different colors (green, white, blue, or yellow), which is determined by the minerals in the water. Because the magnesium sulfate in the lake becomes hard, visitors can walk around the spots.

2. Boswell Glass House in Boswell, British Colombia

Some of the unique destinations come from strange hobbies, like David H. Brown’s post-retirement hobby of collecting empty bottles. These were then used to build his dream home, which required about half a million bottles to construct. While Brown used to actually live there, it is now a popular tourist spot.

3. Castle Butte and The Big Muddy Badlands in Coronach, Saskatchewan

Part of the Outlaw Trail of Butch Cassidy, Castle Butte and the Big Muddy Caves served as their lookout and hideout for themselves and their horses from the US authorities. Visitors can now tour the outlaw caves.

4. Crooked Bush, near Hafford, northwest of Saskatoon

While many people see this as normal woods, a closer look will change their minds. These creepy-looking trees have bent and crooked branches that give off an eerie vibe to tourists exploring the area. Beyond getting dizzy, they can easily imagine themselves being in some sort of a horror movie. Even more interesting is the fact that the trees across the road are perfectly normal.

5. Pingualuit Crater Lake in the Pingualuit Provincial Park, northern Quebec

While the word Pingualuit translates to pimples in English, this lake looks like a giant gemstone. Popular with campers, it has the purest fresh water in the whole world.

6. Mount Thor in Baffin Island, Nunavut

Thrillseekers will find rapelling Mount Thor truly heart-pumping. It has a vertical drop of 1250 meters, which is why it is not for beginners. Summer is the perfect time to visit because of the lower risk of rain and storms.

7. The Grand Gathering in St. Lawrence River, Sainte-Flavie, Quebec

Canadian artist Marcel Gagnon created these 100 life-sized figures out of stone and wood as studies for his artworks but now they stand by the St. Lawrence River. Depending on the light and shadow, they sometimes create a creepy presence to visitors.

8. Spirit Sands, Spruce Woods Provincial Park, Manitoba

Unexpected to most people, there are actually sand dunes and cacti in Canada. In Spirit Sands, they can explore the 4 km² of desert that are the remains of a delta 15,000 years ago. However, it is not a true desert because it receives twice as much moisture yearly compared to a real desert.

Not only will visitors avoid the usual tourist rush in these destinations, but they are also definitely in for a treat seeing unique and interesting things in any one of these places to see in Canada.