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Being the world’s least densely populated territory doesn’t necessarily make Greenland the least favorable places to visit. This autonomous nation within the Danish kingdom has its own unique charm that can literally take your breath away coupled with a rich history that is influenced by its native Arctic peoples and the European settlers who have made the island their home for a time. There may not be plenty of reasons why you should consider Greenland as your next destination, but we will give you some of the more important ones.

The Hot Springs

It may be within the Arctic Circle, but Greenland is most famous for its numerous hot springs. Among the many that dot the island nation, those on Uunartoq promise to be the best as the water temperatures are within a rather comfy 98 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature of the hot springs is maintained all year round. There are smaller springs that converge to create a giant pool of bubbling and steaming bath, perfect for those with arthritis, sore muscles, and the like. You can fly any time of the year and soak all day and all night long in these hot springs.


This quaint little town in Southern Greenland is actually the nation’s largest. It also happens to be the oldest with its earliest settlers setting foot in the community some 4,300 years ago. From the pre-historic Saqqs to the 10th century Norse, the 12th century Thules, and the 18th century Danes, numerous peoples of various origins have called Qaqartoq their home. There are a number of architectural masterpieces that these peoples have built during their time. There’s a museum that showcases everything about Norse, Thule, and Dorset cultures. Hiking trails snake through the landscape, although visitors will happily spend the whole day watching for whales or even exploring the many glaciers that line the community.

The Northern Lights

While Norway offers a spectacular view of the Northern Lights, you’ll have a much more personal experience with the Aurora Borealis in Greenland. This is especially true if you’re going to view it from either Kangerslussauq or Ittoqqortoomiit, two of Greenland’s smaller communities that don’t really have that much ambient light. Watch the Aurora Borealis perform in the nighttime sky. There’s no way disco lights can ever compare to the ballet-like grace of the stellar dance. Greens and yellows swirl with occasional hints of purple, blue, and red to give you one spectacle that is only clearly visible between September and April.

Icebergs and Glaciers

A trip to Greenland is never complete without viewing massive icebergs and Mother Nature-carved glaciers. While many of these remain a distant dream of many, you can actually get up close and personal with these icy pieces of natural art. It’s a visit that leaves a feeling of closeness to nature.

You may not consider Greenland as an ideal travel destination, but you should. Its unmistakable natural beauty is enough to leave you breathless. You’ll be holding onto these memories for the rest of your life.