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Secret gems like the North African unspoiled beauty of Tunisia lure in throngs of travellers. Tunisia offers much more than beautiful landscapes and seascapes but an overall rewarding travel experience. Once you visit Tunisia, you just never go back to your home country the same person, and here are the reasons why.

Spectacular seascapes

The country sits close to the Mediterranean Sea and the infamous Sahara desert, so you can now imagine the exotic sandy seascape that will welcome you on your visit. Nearly everywhere you look, you see long stretches of sugar-fine sand and crystal clear water, ever so inviting. Top tourist choices include the Sousse and the Monastir.

If you’re in Tunisia for a relaxing vacation, you can lay languidly under those beach umbrellas at your convenient time. But if you’re one of the many adventure seekers, try visiting the Hammamet, a fishing village that’s filled with outdoor and water adventure offerings.

Unique architecture

Stepping into the city maze in Tunisia truly feels like being in another realm – colorful street merchandise, busy trades, and beautiful Tunisian architectures. The Ribat of Sousse is a splendid fortress that looks modern but historic. The Great Mosque with a courtyard looks grand but never ostentatious.

The Carthage also has archaeological sites that bespoke of the Roman empire and the old Carthaginian civilization during the days of the Punic wars. You’ll also see the El Djem Ampitheatre that is the country’s most sought destination. The circular pillars still stand strong and majestic that one cannot help wonder how they designed so in the olden times. Just a little trivia – the movie Gladiator was even shot in the grand El Djem. How cool is that?

Breathtaking desert views

It’s not everyday you see the highly-praised Sahara Desert. But when in Tunisia, you can feast on the grand sandy beauty forever. The Sahara is so wide it covers about 8 countries, making it the world’s largest hot desert.

If you’re keen to experience a bit of an Arabian Night experience, get on a two-day desert trek atop a camel. It’d be a journey you won’t forget.

Flavorful cuisine

Don’t ever leave the Tunisian territory without trying the local cuisine. There’s a lot you can choose from but try couscous, the colorful bowl of steamed meat, roast vegetables, and fine wheat, is the country’s natural dish. Try different variations, lamb, fish, or chicken.

Another famous dish is Brik which is considered a local specialty meal. It’s the perfect tuna turnover for breakfast, best paired with coffee.

Rich history

Every country has its own story that is best told when visited. The amphitheater is just one of the many places you can culturally and historically immerse in. You must visit the National Museum of Carthage, National Bardo Muesum, and the Sbeitla Archaeological Museum – all housing a wide collection of artifacts from different dynasties and civilizations. The interiors of the Tunisian museums look refreshingly clean, the perfect blend of rustic art and defined spaces and colors. You must visit all three museums to see for yourself, plus the Utique Museum, which was built in the 90s.

Everything about Tunisia spells luxury, the natural and rustic kind of luxury. Don’t forget to stroll through the souks of Tunis to find your souvenirs before you leave.